Enter to Win $150 Cash


*Giveaway has ended* We’re giving away $125 and $25 via PayPal (or Amazon gift card if you choose) to 2 lucky readers! Enter to win $150 cash at SweetGiveaways.com! Ends 2/28.

29 thoughts on “Enter to Win $150 Cash”

  1. The prizes are always great, but for my MOTHER’S DAY GIFT TO ME THIS would be great!!

  2. My husband and I have been going through a rough time and he still manages to provide love and support to his wife of 34 years through her bi-polar, depression, and possible Parkinson’s…even though she used to be healthy as a horse..to have something nice happen would be a change…god bless sheena

  3. It would be wonderful to recieve anything as my husband and I are going through some seriously tough times right now..we have five kids and ten grandkids…I try to be positive but it’s really hard some days…anyways hopefully our luck will change…god bless ….Sheena…..

  4. That would be such a blessing as i am disabled heading for my second spinal surgery to stabilize it. Peace and Light!

  5. Thank you for the opportunity! I can use it to purchase baby products for our newborn! !! You’re Amazing!

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