Free Domino’s Gift Cards


From their site: “We’re at it again with another opportunity to grab one of over 50,000 Domino’s gift cards* sometime soon. This time, we’re giving away over $150,000 in FREE pizza! Just click the ‘I Want In’ button to be notified when the fun begins. The promotion will go live sometime before December 24th, so be prepared to move quickly! Once it starts, it’s first come, first served and the biggest rewards go first.

This Domino’s Fan Perk is limited to the first 200,000 participants, so make sure to opt-in now!”

Free Domino’s Gift Cards

44 thoughts on “Free Domino’s Gift Cards”

  1. I want in…I want in….I want want want want waaaannnnttttt, what? iiiiiiinnnnnn….

  2. Does anyone know if Hawaii will be included in this promo? A recent promotion Domino’s & the MLB had, where they were giving away 20,000 free pizza for a no hitter game, Hawaii was not included! In fact, there are a number of good deals that do not include Hawaii & Alaska! I can’t understand why Alaska? From Cali to New York the distance is greater than Cali to Alaska!

    1. For Alaska it’s usually because they might have to cross the border into Canada and it’s seen as too much of a hassle.

      As for this promo, you’re in luck! The fine print states “Eligibility: This offer is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States….”

    1. love to win i never win would love to win this it would be nice so maybe i wouldnt have to cook something love pizza anyway

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