Free Eye Owl Earrings


Free Eye Owl Earrings from ShotCost – For new customers only. Free Shipping.

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10 thoughts on “Free Eye Owl Earrings”

  1. this is a scam i ordered different earrings months ago never got them and contacted the BBB and made a complaint and as soon as i did so i got an email from shotcost saying my order was cancelled. I also put a post on there facebook page along with others and a week later the post were deleted.I also tried to call the number they have on facebook and the phone is no longer in service so yes this is a scam.

  2. Let me guarantee this is a scam… i wanted them for my daughters graduation gift….. back in may of 2014 and i have contacted the company over 20 times via email and they claimed that they were on the way………… now it’s July and i am still waiting.

  3. I ordered these on May 25th and I still haven’t received them. I don’t think this is a legit one.

  4. My friends and I have tried numerous times and no earings. It is a scam. They never send anything.

  5. I tried to get these and I think it’s a scam. It says to get the earrings free you have to like their Facebook page and then Share…
    I did both things and nothing happened.
    I think it’s a ploy to get you to like and share their website.

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