Free Huggies Triple Clean Wipes Sample


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4 thoughts on “Free Huggies Triple Clean Wipes Sample”

  1. I wasn’t sure how else to contact you besides a comment here, no need to post this if you don’t want too I just feel it needs to be said.

    I understand you need ads to help support your Free website, I think it is great and I typically don’t mind them, but there have been some ones that aren’t appropriate.

    My little niece who is 14 also uses this website to get free products and samples and I don’t want her looking at ads asking if she likes Asian Women.

    If needed, I took a screen shot of the ad in questions on 8/28/13 at 8:16AM PST


    1. Mel!

      Most ads are now ran by cookies. Who ever is using your computer is looking at stuff they should not be. So please watch them.

      As it all depends on what is viewed. If you can before your niece gets on the computer clear the history and cookies that should fix that issue once and for all.

      All The Best

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