FREE Sample of Meow Mix Tender Centers


Copy & paste this URL:

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25 thoughts on “FREE Sample of Meow Mix Tender Centers”

  1. I cannot copy and paste it, so I will continue to get free samples from Rachel Ray site. All you do is fill in you name and address and they will send a sample to you. You don’t have to bother to copy and paste.
    Kathy Genier

  2. Those having issues, it could be your browser. If you are still on IE, it might not work.

  3. Have never been able to copy & paste. Have tried every method. Everyone who has ever tried to help me do this has been stumped because I do it correctly & nothing ever happens. Any ideas?

  4. The link works fine for me. You just have to highlight it then right click “go to.” Can’t wait for this to get here!

  5. There’s something wrong with offer ! I copied and pasted the website in the search bar and it led me nowhere ! Every site i go to it tells me to copy and paste the website , but no form to get the sample !!!!

  6. I do not know how to copy and paste. Why not just have us fill out a form? Our cat would love these treats.

    1. I too do not know how to do this, my cats would also love this,why cant we just fill out a form???

      1. Just search “cut & paste” (on Google, Bing, etc.) to learn how; it’s easy, and the link does work… takes you right to the meow mix free sample site to fill out a short form.

  7. There’s something wrong with this freebie. You fill out the form then hit submit. And it says can’t find

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