18 thoughts on “Free NESQUICK Sample Pack”

  1. On each Question I answer I don’t buy chocolate milk mix and it worked for me ,can’t wait to get it ( in 4-6 weeks).

  2. work for us. Maybe it’s a state thing an only so many per state are allowed. I remember trying for this a few month ago an didn’t qualify.

    1. That worked!! thank you! ages 6-8 ONLY BOX TICKED and once per week ticked!! got it!

    2. I tired choosing what Becca said and it says I didn’t qualify. Guess its like playing in the casino when your lucky your lucky.

  3. If anybody gets this free sample you should post it in the comment because everybody here at work tired to get one and it said we didn’t qualify. Werid thing is that the ten of us have different aged kids. And now we are wondering if this sample is even for real.

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